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    Beware of installers overcharging for pumps. Before you hire a contractor to change out your pump, ask how much the pump costs by horsepower and be sure the installer is licensed. A typical submersible water pump would have a manufacturer’s suggested list price of approximately the following:

    • ½ hp submersible pump and motor. . . . $800 - $1,300
    • ¾ hp submersible pump and motor. . . . $1,000 - $1,600
    • 1 hp submersible pump and motor . . . . $1,200 - $1,700
    Note: These are pump and motor prices and do not include labor or other parts such as electrical components and fittings. Pump prices may vary based on availability and specific pump type and model used in your application.

    Out of the 25 manufacturers of 4” submersible pumps the list prices are within 10% of each other.

    Again, be sure the pump installer is licensed. The best place to look for a pump installer is your local Yellow Pages in the telephone book under PUMPS or a recommendation from a friend or relative. The questions to ask are – hourly rate and cost of pump plus any additional costs such as excavating and trench work. And, of course, look us up on the Web!

    If you have any questions about wells or pumps give us a call at 603-669-9119.

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