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Geothermal Wells

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We proudly serve the communities of Bedford, Windham, Amherst, Derry, and Londonderry, NH, as well as the surrounding areas. Contact us today for reliable Geothermal Well services.


Geothermal Wells

Homeowners realize savings with geothermal wells in NH. Our company drills the wells for heat pumps that heat and cool using energy from the earth. Join your neighbors in tapping into the power source that does no harm to the environment, while at the same time greatly reduces your utility bills.

A Geothermal Well Reduces Utility Bills

You are concerned about the skyrocketing cost of energy and are searching for an alternative method of heating and cooling your home. Our company can provide you with a superior method of heating and cooling that uses energy found within the earth itself – geothermal.

As the sun warms the earth, heat is stored deep underground. We help you access that energy with geothermal well-drilling. Using a geothermal pump, that energy travels into your home through a series of pipes, warming and cooling in a most efficient manner.

How Geothermal Works

Deep under the surface of the earth, the ground maintains fairly even temperatures throughout the year. It does not matter if the heat index is through the roof or the wind chill is well below zero above-ground because underground the temperatures are consistent, and there is plenty of energy available.

Our job is drilling geothermal wells for the installation of energy-efficient heat pumps. We are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in what we do. Our workers know all about geothermal heat pumps and their requirements for size and installation, and use that extensive knowledge to provide expert drilling services for our customers. Since we drill the wells for these specialized heat pumps, our highly trained technicians can explain the practical workings and multiple advantages of this geothermal system.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems

With conventional furnaces and air conditioners, you are treated to a blast of hot or cold air when the furnace or air conditioner kicks on. With the use of geothermal energy, you are comfortable at all times with no sudden changes in temperature. 

Most people are not strangers to heat pumps. The usual residential pumps use air as a medium of heat exchange; however, using a geothermal base, heat from the ground is the source of energy. Geothermal heat pumps are superior to conventional heating and cooling methods and we recommend them because they:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Maintain constant temperatures no matter what the weather
  • Produce cleaner air inside your home

In addition, as they have fewer moving parts, they last longer than their air counterparts, need fewer repairs and last much longer - with a lifespan of up to 50 years!